Giving & Finance

Why should I give?

As members of God's family we belong to Him. All that we are and all that we have are His. Part of our family responsibility is to invest the resources He gives us for His purposes and for His glory. In the Bible God calls us to respond to Him in thankfulness by giving to and through our local church where we are fed and nurtured. We are asked to give liberally, joyfully, generously and freely, and in proportion to our ability. These principles are set out in A Short Guide to Biblical Teaching and Giving .

To see where our money was spent last year and how it is budgeted for this year, please see our vision booklet.

Ways of Giving

The mission of Holy Trinity Church is almost completely funded from the church membership’s regular giving. Collections are not taken during services but there is a collection stand in the foyer for all Sunday services.

Ways to give include regular giving as well as one off payments from bonuses, gifts, spare capital, inheritances and legacies. Download a pledge form here.

For 2019, to resource the ongoing week-round ministry and outreach we believe God has called us to, we are looking to spend £723k, of which £636k will need to come from church members. That is an increase of £30k over what we gave in 2018, which is achievable with lots of prayer and an increase of 3% in our regular giving.

Standing Order

The most effective means to give to Holy Trinity Church is via a standing order payment. Standing orders can be set up for monthly, quarterly or annual payments. All you need to do to give in this way, is fill in our Banker's Order Form, sign it and return it to the Pledge and Gift Secretary. If appropriate please also complete the Gift Aid Declaration. We will do the rest - recording it, sending it to your bank and claiming any tax relief due under Gift Aid. Alternatively, please set up the standing order online to Barclays Bank Plc account named ‘Claygate PCC’, with Sort Code 20-90-56 and Account Number 23121593. Please submit the Gift Aid Declaration too if you are a UK tax payer.

Gift Aid

Charities like Holy Trinity Church are able to reclaim basic rate tax on all donations we receive from you if you are a UK taxpayer. For every £100 you give us using this scheme, we can claim back another £25 from the Government, at no cost to you. If you pay UK tax and have not already done so, please download and return the Gift Aid Declaration to the Pledge and Gift Secretary.


All gifts to charities in wills are tax-free because gifts to your church and other charities are deducted from the value of your estate when inheritance tax (IHT) is calculated. Currently (2014-2015 tax year), IHT is payable on estates worth more than £325,000 at a rate of 40%. Moreover, if you leave gifts to charity (including churches) in your will totalling 10% (or more) of the value of your estate, the rate of IHT you pay will be only 36%. Inheritance tax can be complicated, and you are advised to seek specialist tax advice if your estate is large or your affairs are complex.

If you have any question regarding this web page or Giving in general, please contact the Pledge and Gift Secretary through the Church Office or by email. Any information shared will be in strictest confidence.