Child baptism

We welcome enquiries from parents seeking to have their children baptised at Holy Trinity. Baptisms take place during our 9:30am service approximately once a month.

We run a baptism course for all parents who would like to bring children for baptism. The course runs three times per year, usually in February, May and November, with three Sunday sessions during the 9:30 service, and both parents should attend. The course will help you to explore the meaning of baptism, and to understand the promises that you will be making during the service. If you would like to know the dates for our next course, or to sign up, please contact the church office.

Ben Gutteridge remembers, “In September this year Lynsie and I had our two boys, Jasper and Willoughby, baptised at HTC. It was a wonderful day for all our family and friends, but it was made all the more special following our experience on the baptism course. Through the course we were able to explore the promises we would be making and gained a deeper understanding of what it meant to support and encourage our children on their journey of faith. Lynsie and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and are really grateful to have been given the opportunity to take part. The opportunity to meet other parents as well, about to embark on that same journey, made it all the more rewarding.”

Adult baptism

If you have not previously been baptised, and would like to affirm your commitment to Christ as an adult, please contact the church office to find out more about adult baptism.

If you would like to make arrangements for a baptism at Holy Trinity, please contact the church office:

Phone: (01372) 463603