Ukraine Christian Partnership

Holy Trinity Claygate’s link to the Ukraine was started in 2003 and we have returned several times each year since then to work in partnership with the churches in Akli, Uj Akli and Gyula alongside their ministers (Bela and Atilla).

These villages have suffered greatly from their historical position. They have been part of five different countries in the last century. Although some villagers can get permission to work in Hungary, most rely on subsistence farming for their livelihoods.

The work in Ukraine is now coordinated by the Ukraine Christian Partnership (UCP), which gathers different teams to support the local ministers: running medical and dental clinics, a summer holiday club for children in school and youth, a community team making pastoral visits to villagers - both church and non-church members, and an outreach team going to unreached villages.

UCP also runs a winter mission where (in sub zero temperatures and thick snow on many occasions) it is easier to focus on studying the Bible and its practical application for the whole period then when the harvest needs to be done (in the summer)!


Children's work


Ukrainian Family