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CSW is a Christian organisation working for religious freedom for all through advocacy and human rights. It is based in New Malden from where it works on behalf of people suffering for their faith in 25 countries worldwide.

With over 30 years experience, CSW has built a reputation for accuracy and reliability at the EU, UN, UK snf US governments, and other key decision makers worldwide. Through its advocacy work at this level, CSW works to bring an end to the policies, practices, behaviours and attitudes that perpetuate religious persecution, so that all people are free to live the lives God intended for them.

CSW travels to countries such as Pakistan, Egypt and Nigeria to meet with victims of religious freedom abuses and listen to their stories first hand. These testimonies are used as the source for CSW's briefings, reports and press releases through which it raises awareness and advocates for change.

You can find out more on CSW's website, or by contacting Bill Lowe who can also arrange for those interested to visit the office in New Malden.